Real Weight & Fat Loss with Real Food

for Real People Who Want Real Results.


Attention: If you have tried everything to lose weight with no results… This is your chance to make a real change.

Discover how to burn fat and lose the extra weight naturally, easily, and permanently with REAL food. 

No diets. No supplements. No torture. Just real, whole, tasty food.

Melt fat away naturally using real food.

You’re fed up.



Tired of the same yo-yo diets that make you feel miserable and don’t deliver.

The popular diets and advice in magazines and tv shows leave you hungry, unsatisfied, and don’t get rid of the extra weight.

You feel lied to.

No matter what “solutions” you try, nothing works.

You’re beginning to think nothing will EVER work for you.

The last diet you tried probably went something like this:

You felt excited and hopeful about the new “easy” diet that promised to vanish the extra weight and make you look thin and fit.

While you dieted, you felt deprived, you craved junk food, and the meals left you hungry, but you did your best to stick to it because it claimed to work (they wouldn’t lie to you, right?).

After weeks of feeling hungry and supressing your cravings, you noticed the numbers in the scale weren’t changing much.

bold this sentence and no italics. You had lost a few pounds, but the tiny results didn’t match the effort you put in. You still felt heavy, stressed, and unhappy.

Sounds familiar?

When this happens you end up disappointed with yourself.

You feel defeated and discouraged.

“I can’t do this”

“I have no self-control”

“There’s something wrong with me”

“I’m useless”

“I’m not good enough”

“I failed mysef”

“I’m pathetic”

“I should give up”

All these thoughts depress you and completely shatter the hope and excitement you had in the first place.

At this point, you think that not being able to lose weight is your fault, right?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. .

The honest truth is, you have been tricked. There is fake information on the internet, tv, and magazines that promise false weight loss results simply to make quick cash.

Dishonest companies and brands push supplements and programs that don’t really work only to make a profit out of real people who struggle with real problems – and they don’t care about whether you lose weight or not.

If you couldn’t stick to impossible eating regimes that made you miserable, it’s because they weren’t designed for your wellbeing in the first place.

YOU are not the problem.

Real change is not supposed to make you deprived.

A weight loss strategy that works makes you feel happy, motivated, and healthy.

It’s time to shake off the guilt, ditch the diets, and work on your wellbeing.

You can lose fat, lose weight, regain energy, feel confident in your skin, fit in the clothes you like, reclaim your health, and be the person you want to be.

You deserve it.

You are worth it.





What would it be like to end your weight loss war and never diet again?

What would it be like to stop obsessing about food and thinking about your weight?

What would it be like to believe in yourself and feel empowered with your health?

What would it be like to wake up every day excited about your life and feeling GOOD in your own body?

The Real Programme is for anyone who is fed up with false promises and craves real, enjoyable solutions that melt the extra weight – and keep it off.

No fluff. No crazy regimens. No deprivation. No miracle pills. Only real, sustainable, and empowering results that will let you have the body, health, and life you want.


I get it.

You don’t want to waste your time or money on another mediocre solution.

You need real results – not more empty promises.

When I meet my clients, they feel the exact same way you do.

It’s scary to try one more time after “failing” on other diets before.

That’s why this programme is not a diet at all.

This is not a quick fix. This is not a “miraculous” solution. This is not another yo-yo diet.

The Real Programme is a revitalizing lifestyle transformation that rids you of of the extra weight while keeping you motivated and happy.

This program is designed for far more than your weight loss – It puts your health and happiness front and center.

It is meant to empower and change you, all while you lose fat (and weight) successfully.


The Real Programme creates real results because it’s based completely on real whole foods.

You won’t have to buy expensive supplements, pills, shakes, teas, or artificial foods to lose weight.

The programme is meant to transform your lifestyle – not just the number on the scale- and we can only achieve that by improving the way you eat.

We’ll be working on your riding you of your stubborn fat with simple whole foods you eat every day, as easy as that.

The results on the programme are not created by any miracle ingredient, they are created by YOU and how you eat.

We’ll discover your own personal metabolic needs, and use whole foods to fulfill those needs and get you to your optimal weight.

We’ll optimize your metabolism, reduce food sensitivities, support your liver, balance your blood sugar, support your endocrine function, and alkalize your body.

The programme will do more for you than help you lose weight – it will completely balance your metabolism so you can be at your best for years to come.


Unlike yo-yo diets that make you rebound and gain the same or even more weight than before, this programme will help you keep the extra weight off, for good.


Optimizing your intake of real whole foods is only the first step.

Your weight is not just about food – it is connected to your mind and body.

Permanent weightloss happens when our mind and bodies are in harmony.

That’s exactly why this programme will also focus on metabolically stimulating exercise, long-term habits, goal setting, and motivation.

We will make sure that both your body and mind are enjoying the process towards a healthier, happier you – so you can enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

That is what makes this program so effective: you have the right approach, the right support, and the right motivation.



The Real Programme is a 6-week lifestyle transformation for fat loss and health gain.

We optimize every aspect of your metabolism to create the right balance within your body that naturally burns fat, reduces your weight, and makes you feel your best.

The programme is all about giving your body what it needs so it can get rid of the stubborn extra weight – naturally and for the long-term.

Each week, we’ll work on 4 different areas:

✓ Food and nutrition: How to eat real, whole foods to give your body what it needs. We’ll focus on keeping your blood sugar balanced with low glycemic foods (foods that don’t raise your blood sugar) and balancing the macronutrients (controlled carbs, adequate proteins and balanced healthy fats) so that you eat in a way that gives you energy and improves the function of the systems and organs in your body.
✓ Metabolic booster: How to boost your metabolism with specific foods and eating habits to help release the stubborn fat and keep your hormones balanced.
✓ Motivation: Mindset strategies to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.
Goal setting and progress checking: Tools to track your goals, your improvement, and your milestones – not just your weight.

The 6 keys to weight loss success that are covered in the Real Programme throughout the 6 weeks will be:


Eliminating toxins keeps your hormones balanced. Say why: toxins are stored and accumulate in fat and throw the hormones out of balance. say why and what causes it.


Food sensitivities can cause overweight and bloating. We’ll identify what you need to cut out.


A stable blood sugar helps you reach your natural weight and prevents obesity and overeating by keeping the major storage hormone insulin in check.


A filling, protein-rich breakfast nourishes your body, reduces cravings, balances your blood sugar, and gives you energy.


Don’t skip your meals! Clearly defined meals throughout the day curve cravings and overeating and boost your energy levels.


Exercise is key to accelerating your metabolism. Cardio and resistance training help you burn fat quickly.

This food-based approach is the tried-and-tested strategy I use with my own clients – and it works.

In this programme, I am giving you access to ALL the strategies I’ve learnt from working as a nutritionist with dozens and dozens of people looking to lose weight for good without deprivation.

The Real Programme is the natural, enjoyable, and effective weight-loss sytem you’ve been looking for.



The Real Programme will work even if you feel that nothing ever works for you.

No matter how many times you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, I assure you, you can do this.

In fact, you can do it in 6 weeks, with me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You can easily lose the extra fat and weight with the right approach and support in this program.

I created the Real Programme because I use this exact weight-loss approach with my clients and it works, again and again.

I want you to be able to use this tried-and-tested method in your own life.

In my career as a functional nutritionist, I have never seen a more effective approach than using whole foods to optimize your whole body.

The key to successful weight-loss is finding the right balance in your body, and I will help you get there.

But… I don’t have the time.


Losing weight is important for you, but you don’t know if you can squeeze in the time to work on it, right?

You’re already busy with work, kids, family, hobbies, and… more work.

That’s exactly why this programme is designed to work for you regardless of your lifestyle or schedule.

If you have at least one or two hours to devote per week, you can succeed on the programme. Yes, that’s all it takes, one to two hours a week.

Even on those crazy weeks you’re swamped with responsibilities, you can rest assured all the lessons will be in the online platform waiting for you.

Because this programme is completely online, you can go through the materials at your own pace and anywhere you want: in your bed, the couch, the kitchen, the park, a nice coffee shop… you choose. and you have life time access.

The Real Programme is not going to be an obstacle in your schedule – in fact, it’s going to help you have more time to do what you want to do.


As the programme advances, you will feel lighter, healthier, more energetic, and happier with yourself. This new energy will allow you to spend more time with your kids, do more physical activities, walk more, and do more of your favourite things without feeling fatigued.

You do have the time to get better and build a healthier, happier life.

Ok… but what if I don’t have the money?


Good health is the best investment you can make in your lifetime.

You can’t achieve yours dreams and goals if you don’t have the health and energy to do them.

Investing on your health today will allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

As this beautiful quote puts it:

“Health isn’t everything, but without it, everything else is nothing” – Schopenhauer

Health is priceless, but this programme is only $97– and you have the option to make X payments of XXX if you prefer.

That’s less than a Kindle, a pair of Nike sneakers, use other examples besides watch or drone. .

If you’re serious about getting rid of your extra weight and regaining the vitality you deserve, I am here to help you get there.



No matter how long you’ve struggled with your weight, you have the chance to make a real change today.

If you want to melt away the stubborn extra fat that holds you back from living the life you deserve, you can do it.

If you want to feel comfortable in your body the next time you look in the mirror, you can do it.

If you want to be able to work on your health and wellbeing, you can do it.

It all starts with the decision to act.

You can choose to invest in yourself and create the healthy and fulfilling life you want once and for all.

I’m not offering you a magical solution – I’m only telling you you are capable of losing ALL the extra fat and weight, and I can give you the right strategies to do it.

You don’t deserve to be at war with your body or your food.

You don’t deserve to feel guilty when you eat.

You don’t deserve to deprive yourself from the foods you love.

You don’t deserve to feel miserable for not fitting in your favourite clothes.

And you definitely don’t deserve to diet.

With the Real Programme you’ll get real fat loss results without deprivation.

All the strategies are designed to work with your body, not against it.

You won’t be deprived, you’ll be nourished.

You won’t rebound, you’ll thrive.

You won’t be disappointed, you’ll see real results on the scale, in the mirror, in your clothes and within yourself.

It’s time to put aside the fake diets and pills and give yourself a real chance to lose the pounds that weigh you down.

Join me in the Real Programme and take control over your weight, your body, and your health.

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