It’s time to put away your winter coats, get off from the couch, open the windows, and go smell the flowers – Spring is finally here!

Spring is a time for change and renewal.

The flowers bloom, the bees get busier, and your home is ready for a much-needed cleanse…

But just before you whip out your cleaning tools and start scrubbing your floors and windows, there’s one thing you need to spring clean first: Your body!

Think of your body as your home: it needs to detox from the clutter and excess that have accumulated over the winter.

After all these cozy and cold winter months, you might notice a couple extra pounds that weren’t there before.

Your clothes fit a little too tight.

Your body feels heavier.

You notice your waistline looks rounder than it did before winter.

This is not how you would have liked to start Spring, right?

The good news is, you don’t have to stay that way.

The even better news is the Spring Clean Challenge will help you shed those extra kilos so you can feel & look incredible.


Remember the New Year’s resolutions you made several months ago?

Chances are you’re still struggling to make those happen.

You’re not alone. We get it.

It’s not easy to work out or to avoid comfort foods in a freezing cold winter.

But now that the weather is getting warmer and nature begins to bloom around you, it’s time for a fresh start.

This is your chance to stick to those goals and get in the shape you’ve been dreaming about.

This challenge will help you spring clean your mind & body with fat-burning meal plans and smart cycling workouts that will revitalize you in just 30 days.


When you join the challenge you’ll enjoy…

• A revitalized mind & body ready to make the most of the season!

• The satisfaction of fitting into your favorite spring clothes (oh that feeling!)

• The energy to have fun at all your spring time social events (a picnic sounds lovely!)

• A strong & sexy body that will make you feel confident and empowered.

We’ll start on April 29th!



The Spring Clean Challenge has the perfect combination of fat-burning meal plans crafted by a certified nutritionist and energetic cycling classes created by our Velocity instructors to help you shed kilos and get lean FAST!

In just 30 days, you’ll have a strong and fit body ready for spring.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join us….

1. The Spring Clean Challenge Guide: Here are all the guidelines, simple rules, & do’s and don’ts so you can crush this challenge. We’ll begin on April 29th!
2. The Spring Clean Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks recipes designed to help you lose weight and burn fat. Created by nutritionist Lisa Fouladi.
3. The Spring Clean Cycling Classes: 30 days of unlimited cycling classes that will torch that extra fat and leave you feeling empowered. Created by our instructor team at Velocity.
4. Body Stats: We’ll track your progress so you can stay motivated and see the great strides you’re making!
5. Private Facebook Group: You’re not alone in this! You’ll get access to the exclusive Spring Challenge facebook group so you can meet other groups members and get the encouragement and motivation you need to keep going. You can make a friend or two along the way!



If you want to enjoy spring feeling and looking your best, guess what? You can.

Join us in the challenge and start ditching the extra pounds that are dragging you down.

You’ll feel as good as when you finish spring cleaning your home: refreshed, accomplished, and ready to rock this new season!

Now, ready your kitchen, put on your workout gear, and perhaps a flower or two on your hair… and get ready to transform your body.



1. Are the meal plans vegetarian/vegan friendly?

Yes! The meal plans are flexible so you can adapt the recipes to your needs.

2. Are the ingredients easy and affordable to get?

You bet! We’ll be using affordable whole foods with ingredients you can get anywhere.

3. What do I need for this challenge?

All you need is a ONE MONTH UNLIMITED CLASS ABO to Velocity and the desire to get in great shape!


The Velocity team

The Velocity Instructors help you achieve your fitness goals both on and off the bike. We power your ride so you can power your life. The Instructor Team is here to bring energy and enthusiasm to each and every class, and change gears to revolutionize your workout. Workouts should be fun! We believe music makes any workout better, and we love to burn on the bike.

Lisa Fouladi

Lisa Fouladi is a registered nutrition therapist (dip.ION), a a current member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natureal Health Care Council (CNHC).

She’s a principle consultant and founder of Balance Ur Bod nutrition consultancy. With over 10 years of experience, Lisa helps busy clients optimise their energy levels, manage their weight, and get in their best shape.


You’re still on time to start fresh and build the body you want.

With our cycling classes and Lisa’s meal plan you’ll have all you need to look AMAZING this season and beyond!

Join the challenge below:



Join the Spring Clean Challenge TODAY & enjoy Spring in your best shape ever!